Man controls loading containers box from cargo freight ship - the shipping logistics are processed by shipping logistics solution TAMOYA

We are TAMOYA – the story behind

About TAMOYA: Smooth shipping – seamlessly integrated

The Box Jelly fish with its transparency, adaptability and dynamics is the role model for the shipping solution TAMOYA.

Inspired by the transparency, adaptability and dynamics of a jellyfish, TAMOYA represents and combines the best functionalities of a future-proof shipping solution. Similar to their flexibility, and adaptability to thrive in various environmental conditions, our solution fits your specific SAP landscape and perfectly adapts to your needs.

Further, TAMOYA is characterized by the transparency of jellyfish. You won’t even notice it’s there – unless you look for it. Our solution is designed to smoothly fit into your day-to-day business and processes and is seamlessly integrated into SAP.

At TAMOYA, we have a deep commitment to innovation and excellence. Offering you a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the evolving shipping logistics needs of internationally operating companies, we draw from over 15 years of industry expertise.

Trust us, you will see the difference it makes.

From it.x-press to TAMOYA – our history

In times of increasing globalization, the processes in your supply chain must be optimally controlled and coordinated with each other to ensure long-term competitiveness. Increasingly fast-growing markets require quick and flexible responses, so companies have to evaluate how these complex shipping processes can be mapped close to the SAP standard.

This is why some CEP service providers offer software to automate the service provider-specific shipping processing. However, since these solutions are outside of the SAP system, shipment data is entered twice, and time is lost. Furthermore, when doing business with several CEP service providers, a different software must be connected for each partner.

The consequences? High resource commitment for the maintenance of the resulting system landscapes, lock-in effects and lengthy shipping processes. In addition, the use of the service provider-specific software does not enable integration of shipment tracking, pre-calculation of freight charges, and automated printing of service provider-specific shipping labels out of the SAP system.

A consistent, transparent processing of the entire shipping process is therefore not possible within the SAP system. The development, implementation and maintenance of in-house interfaces between the individual service provider-specific software solutions and SAP is very costly and rarely meets the demands placed on them.

Since the existing IT solutions could not optimally represent the processing of shipping processes, NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed TAMOYA – formerly known as it.x-press.

The integration solution provides the direct electronic connection to your CEP service providers and forwarders. All running business processes are easily and effectively integrated into your SAP system. Delivery statistics, runtimes and many more possibilities for reporting and tracking make your shipping transparent. You can now use the resources you have freed up for your core business and you save both costs and time.

A glowing icon that symbolizes the integration of shipping logistic solution TAMOYA in SAP

Integrated in SAP

A glowing icon that symbolizes the automated processes of shipping logistic solution TAMOYA

Automated processes

A glowing icon that symbolizes the future-proofed technology of shipping logistic solution TAMOYA

Future-proof technology

The team behind TAMOYA

Meet our dedicated team of product owners and technical experts

Shipping logistic solution TAMOYA Sales Director for NTT products Germany Oliver Schoeps

Oliver Schöps

Sales Director NTT Products Germany

Shipping logistic solution TAMOYA Senior Product Manager Felix Schymetzko

Felix Schymetzko

Senior Product Manager

Shipping logistic solution TAMOYA Senior Product Manager Miguel Dreckschmidt

Miguel Dreckschmidt

Senior Product Manager

The NTT DATA Shipping Logistics Solution visualized with the TAMOYA jellyfish

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